Sarah Germany, Chief Culinary Officer
Sarah Germany is Taste & Texture’s Chief Culinary Officer. Ms. Germany has worked in the fields of Education, Social Services and Culinary Arts and Education for over fifteen years. Additionally, she taught undergraduate composition at Long Island and Cornell Universities in addition to managing the only comprehensive education and employment-training unit servicing homeless, runaway and at-risk street youth in New York City in the late nineties. She holds a BA from Skidmore College in Sociology and a MA in English from Long Island University with post-graduate work in Urban Studies. Her work has been published in several literary journals and she is currently at work on two full length projects including a cookbook, “Stories from the Kitchen: There’s Healing at the Table.”

Our Mission
The truth of the matter is that everyone would want to be a better cook if they thought it was possible, and they thought that they had the time to actually cook. It feels good to engage in a project that you can carry from conception to completion in a short period of time and enjoy it. At Taste & Texture we work with you to make that a reality.

Having spent the past decade working in food service/culinary education, I know firsthand the anxiety that cooking or the thought of cooking can bring, and these moments occur for even the best and most comfortable of cooks. Because I understand that, I want to work with you to help you become the most comfortable cook you can be. Now you might ask why I choose to use “comfortable” as opposed to “best” or “great”. And the answer is this: we do our best work when we are at ease and enjoying ourselves.

Taste & Texture provides an interactive forum to discuss food. And not just designer foods or specialty foods or dishes from our favorite food shows or films about foods, but the food that we actually eat daily – food that positively or negatively impacts our overall day-to-day health and well being.

We talk about food and economics and phobias and health challenges and successes and what these experiences teach us and, if and how, food, in various forms, has helped or hindered our goals, our happiness, and our lives.

Our customized in-home workshops provide clients with a basic blueprint on improving the overall quality of their dietary lives without breaking the bank or denying themselves the food they love, limiting their variety or moving them so far outside of their comfort zone that they revert back to old habits out of convenience.

We stress the importance of meal planning and grocery lists. We talk about kitchen sanitation and safety; the role of the recipe; the importance of spice versus “just salt and pepper;” cooking methods, techniques and tools. We work with you to convert your favorite foods into their healthier alternatives. Our toolbox includes tips and techniques that satisfy the palates of omnivores to vegans.

Taste & Texture works with you as we take simple ingredients, turn them into extraordinary meals right in front of your eyes and leave you with the skills and the confidence to create your own.