Cooking and cooking well requires some preparation. Taking inventory of what you have and knowing your likes and dislikes are paramount. Understanding the differences between herbs, spices and minerals and how each effect the flavor of food can turn something simple into something incredible with very little effort.

Whether it was in the southern kitchens of my childhood or the international ones of my travels, all around the globe, native Cooks gather the freshest ingredient possible, decide on a desired cooking method and season accordingly. And once the methods are mastered and seasoning is understood, incredible things unfold.

At Taste & Texture we begin each workshop by reinforcing these very ideas. Every new client session commences with our “Basic Core” instructional; which includes:

  • General Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Toolbox Assessment
  • Taste and Spice Basics
  • 5 Basic Cooking Methods
  • Meal Planning Overview
  • Recipe Reading

Additionally, our Chef, in preparation for working together, conducts a two-part interview prior to the first session. Clients are asked to complete a brief online survey which explores their current dietary lifestyle and cooking rituals, followed by a phone interview to discuss their objectives for the session. This has proven to be tremendously helpful in maximizing kitchen time. So whether it is a 3-hour Basic In-home Cooking class or our Multi-Day Dietary Transformation Workshop Series – we’re just waiting for you. Start eating better right now; register for a class today.

Individual/Small Group Cooking Class (3hr minimum/4 people maximum): Whether you want to learn to make a single dish; a three course meal or Basic Cooking 101, this is the course for you. (Prices do not include the cost of groceries, which can range from $250-$400 depending on menu and number of participants)

The Blueprint for Wellness Workshop Series™ covers dozens of healthier cooking options for living better and living well. Each workshop is custom tailored to fit your clients’ needs and can be delivered as individual sessions; in a cluster of multiple sessions or in the complete four (4) cycle series (which is a total of 56 sessions).

Our customized workshops have ranged from kitchen reorganization and set-up to knife skills and technique development to menu planning and meal preparation to support diets managing cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension issues. When cooking, our “Core Instructional” includes:

  • A full taste immersion (understanding how taste works in our mouth: salts; oils; vinegars, etc)
  • Spices: fresh and dried and their uses
  • A trip to the market and grocery store walk-through
  • Multi-meal cooking instruction
  • Health related/special diet cooking instruction

In-Home Chef Services:

  • Personal Chef: Our chef customizes and prepares weekly meals for the individual or family either in your home or delivered to you, individually packaged and frozen.
  • Private Parties: Why eat out when our Chef can come in and cook an incredible 5-course meal for you and your guests. This is the ideal gift for the foodie in the group.